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E-Rotic Songs words

E-Rotic - Willy Use A Billy...Boy
E-Rotic - Wild Love
E-Rotic - Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi
E-Rotic - Tears In Your Blue Eyes
E-Rotic - Take My Love
E-Rotic - Sex On The Phone
E-Rotic - Sex Me
E-Rotic - Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex
E-Rotic - Love And Sex Are Free
E-Rotic - Help Me Dr.Dick
E-Rotic - Gimme Good Sex
E-Rotic - Fritz Love My Tits
E-Rotic - Freedom
E-Rotic - Fred Come To Bed
E-Rotic - Final HeartBreak
E-Rotic - Falling For A Witch
E-Rotic - Erotic Dreams
E-Rotic - Ecstasy
E-Rotic - Come On Make Love To Me
E-Rotic - Big Max
E-Rotic - Angel's Night
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