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Lordi - Pet The Destroyer

Its breath intoxicating
its ego suffocating
its here in my house -
tryin' to get out

its moves exhilarating
tempers infuriating
its no sage -
rampage the cage

but youll be safe
you can feed it - you wanna play?
its almost tamed

Pet the destroyer
My beast Le royal
Pet my destroyer
sweet killing machine
Oh wont you please meet the beast?

Its stare infatuating
im not exaggerating
it breaks off the leash
creature released

its jaws intimidating
rage indiscriminating
it looks kinda mad -
(well this) looks kinda bad

this isnt safe, no!
i can feel it
this isnt play
it cant be in tamed

Pet the destroyer
my beast le royal
pet my destroyer
sweet killing machine
oh wont you please meet the beast?
oh wont you please feed my beast?

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