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Lordi - Biomechanic Man

You need some lovin' o' monstermaniac
style and fashion
and I'm a device of horny steel
You need to believe in the dirty lovin'
o' lusty passion
You need a spin in the torture wheel

I say yeah, now who could put it there
Now who could really care
I hear the call yeah
I can
Biomechanic man

You need to be on a roll and make
a show of money
You need to get the healer here
You gotta know when it's bad
It's gonna be funny
you gotta get in the cyber-feel

I say yeah, need to know when and were
Now who could make you fear
I hear the call yeah
I am Biomechanic man

I'm all man and all machine
a little sicko, little mean
I rock your brains out
And you're sure to be damned
I lick your little finger
then I chew up your hand
for that's who I am
The Biomechanic man

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