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Natalie Imbruglia - Come September

Her bones will ache
Her mouth will shake
And as the passion dies
Her magic heart will break
Shell fly to France
Cause theres no chance
No hope for Cinderella
Come September

Everythings wrong
Gonna be alright
Come September

Her violet sky
Will need to cry
Cause if it doesnt rain
Then everything will die
She needs to heal
She needs to feel
Something more than tender
Come September

Everything wrong
Gonna be alright
Come September

The souls that burn
Will twist and turn and find-
you in the dark
No matter where you run
Shes made her mark
But lost her spark
And what shes pushing for
She cant remember

Everything wrong
Gonna be alright
Come September

Her eyes surrender, her cry a-
crying shame
Coming undone is she ever gonna-
feel the same

She will run
Shes gonna drink the sun
Shining just for you
Instead of everyone
And so it goes
Shell stand alone
And try not to remember
Come September

Everything Wrong
Gonna be alright
Come September

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