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Hilary Duff - Working It Out

Lyrics :

Some days I start off dragging my feet
Somedays I wanna fly
Somedays it all makes sense to me
Somedays I just dont wanna know why

Hey hey I'm not giving up, no
gonna stand up and shout it
oh no way im not stocking up or backing out
I'm workin it out

(oh cool thats awesome)

sometimes im just surrounded by friends
sometimes we've never met
sometimes i pray for something i need
but hey you never know what you're gonna get

hey hey im not giving up, no
I'm gonna stand up and shout it
oh no way im not stocking up or backing out or cracking upwithout
I'm workin it out

its hard to be what you are and harder to be what you're not
harder to know what you need to get, harder to know what you'vegot


[Chorus x2]

hey hey I'm working it out now I'm working it out

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