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Enya - Aldebaran

(Dedicated to Ridley Scott)

Codladh Fada Long Sleep

Codladh Domhain Deep Sleep

Éirigh! Amharc sķos Rise! Look down

Aldebaran. Aldebaran. (1)

Siśl liom trķ an réalta dearg. Walk with me
through the red stars

Deireadh, deireadh an Turas The end, end of the journey

Réaltóg, réaltóg dearg. Star, red star

The Red giant Star, Aldebaran,
found in the constellation of Taurus,
is the Eye of the bull.
From the Arabic, Al Dabaran,
it means 'the follower' as it "follows" the Pleiades.
(From the liner notes on the re-release of _The Celts_)

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