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Enya - Storms In Africa

Cį fhad é ó How far is it from?
Siśl trķd na stoirmeacha. Walking through thestorms
Dul trķd na stoirmeacha. Going through thestorms

Cį fhad é ó How far is it from?
An tśs don stoirm. The beginning of thestorm
An tśs go deiradh. The start to the end

Tóg do Chroķ. Take your heart
Tóg do chroķsa. Take your beloved

Turas mór. Long Journey
Tor trķd na Stoirmeacha. Heavy through thestorm

Turas fada. Long Journey
Amharc trķd na Stoirmeacha. Look through theStorm

Translation by Fidelma McGinn.

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