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L.E.M. - Rain

It's raining I wet
I don't have an umbrella or anything
We eill have to gome home for one

But then you come
and give me an umbrella
and disappeared in the rain drop
What a pity me
that you left and came out

Nothing I didn't realize
I picked up an umbrella in your hand
and I went on a long trail that led into the house

I dreamed about you and ourselves
that we were together in family house
but seeing you in the morning with the other women
I realized that you are acouple

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L.E.M.(2014-05-11 14:39)
*eill will
Karolina(2014-05-11 14:38)
Miela daina
Laura(2014-05-11 14:37)
This song beautiful
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