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Jennifer Chung - So Much More

Is it already time
The time to say goodbye?
Will I ever get a chance
To relieve the royal nights?

When can I call you
And see you again?
And if I call you
Can I call you a friend?

No, you are so much more
You are so much more

Will you remember me
Like I'll remember you?
From the colors of the world
Can't help, but feeling blue

When can I call you
And see you again?
And if I call you
Does it mean that it's the end?

No, this is so much more
This is so much more

Lifelong memories, the jokes, awkward moments
In my own heart, and yours too
Hope we hold them

Everything I've learned will continue to live in me
To spread all the love, wisdom, truth, is inevitably to happen
Inevitably to happen

So when we go on our separate ways
Will we forget all those beautiful days?

No, this was so much more
This was so much more

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2007(2012-05-28 02:04)
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UkAGrWxX(2012-05-27 00:43)
Awesome, it looks like iTunes 10.5 is no longer shiowng metadata on my audio mixtape streams. Anyone know what it has recently gotten more finicky about?The stream has a stream title and the metadata is updating as the songs change, but there's no title or metadata on the . The're both using the same "icy-description" and "icy-name" headers, so I don't know why the title is not shiowng up. They might be doing metadata differently, though. Has iTunes stopped respecting inline metadata via "icy-metaint"?I'm pretty sure this was working properly in iTunes as recently as ...
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