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Trade Martin - That Stranger Used To Be My Girl

I look at her
And my heart says run to her, run fast
Then I realize that's all in the past

That stranger
That stranger

Look at her pass me by
Never ever even blink an eye
Holding hands with a brand new love
He's the only one she's thinking of

Whoah there she goes
With a little turned up nose
That stranger used to be my girl
Yea yea yea yea

Once I meant the world to her
Used to hold me close to her
And then she went and said goodbye
She couldn't care now if I live or die

Whoah she passed me by
Doesn't care if I live or die
That stranger used to be my girl
Yea yea yea

That stranger
I still over her so
Need her so much
Never let her go
There she goes
With my heart in her hands
I'm telling you
I'm a lonely man

Yea yea yea

Look at her pass me by
Is it fair that I want to die
Once she said that she loved me so
Now she doesn't even say hello

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

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