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Adam & The Ants - Beat My Guest

well tie me up
beat me with a stick
beat me beat me
yeah use a truncheon
or a household brick
beat me beat me

i'm black and blue
baby i love you
be your dog
for just one more flog
you don't hear me plead
make me bleed
beat me beat me

well use a truncheon
or a cricket bat
beat me beat me
a good beating's
really where it's at
beat me beat me

(repeat chorus)

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2010(2012-02-02 20:34)
KiLzwA mnsgxzlimxjq
2011(2012-02-01 18:18)
68qRL6 ajmfvashdofz
FPlIzJEwmqUyBpmU(2012-01-31 20:29)
Intelligence and simplicity - easy to undresatnd how you think.
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