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Lyric.lt - Klipo atsisiuntimas


>> Atsisiųsti vaizdo klipą <<

Vaizdo klipas bus gautas flv formatu todėl saugant faila reikia pakeisti failo galūnę į flv. Taippat norint jį peržiūrėti reikia turėti flv grotuvą kurį galite rasti šiame tinklapyje.
Jeigu nenorite siųstis flv grotuvo flv viazdo klipus galima žiūrėti ir winamp grotuvu, bet tuomet jums reikės įdiegti papildomus kodekus. Kaip padaryti aprašyta žemiau.
1) Download the FLV Splitter (required to demux the FLV container)

Win2k/XP/Vista | Win9x
To install the FLV Splitter, extract FLVSplitter.ax from the .7z archive
Note: you might need to install 7Zip to extract from .7z
and save FLVSplitter.ax to your %system% dir
%system% refers to wherever the system dir is for your Windows OS, eg.
for WinXP it's "C:\Windows\System32"
for Win2k it's "C:\WinNT\System32"
for Win9x it's "C:\Windows\System"
Then go to: Start > Run
Type: regsvr32 FLVSplitter.ax
Hit Enter
This will register the FLVSplitter on your system

2) Install the latest version of FFDShow, which is required to decode FLV content.
Make sure 'FLV1', 'VP6' and 'H.263' are set to 'libavcodec' in:
Start > Programs > ffdshow > Video decoder config > Codecs page.
If it says 'disabled' next to FLV1, VP6 or H.263 (+), click on it and change it from 'disabled' to 'libavcodec' via the drop-down menu.

3) Add ;FLV to the Extension List in:
Winamp > Prefs (Ctrl+P) > Plugins > Input > DirectShow (in_dshow.dll) > config
so it now looks something like:
You will now have playback support for FLV in Winamp.