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Corrs Dainų žodžiai

Corrs - All In A Day
Corrs - Angel
Corrs - At Your Side
Corrs - Baby Be Brave
Corrs - Breathless
Corrs - Don't Say You Love Me
Corrs - Dreams
Corrs - Even If
Corrs - Goodbye
Corrs - Heaven Knows
Corrs - Hideaway
Corrs - Irresistable
Corrs - Lifting Me
Corrs - Long Night
Corrs - No Good For Me
Corrs - No More Cry
Corrs - Only When I Sleep
Corrs - Ooh La La
Corrs - Rain
Corrs - Runaway
Corrs - Secret Life
Corrs - So Young
Corrs - Someday
Corrs - Summer Sunshine
Corrs - The Right Time
Corrs - The Winner Takes It All
Corrs - What Can I Do
Corrs - What I Know
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